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The Talk of tolerance!

Posted by 4kilo on October 9, 2007

While observing the current political atmosphere… it is disappointing to note that we are still in such intolerable hate politics.One might not be surprised the way the Pro-TPLF website,Aigaforum, is posting, death treats against CUD leaders,talk of revoking their citizenship.All these is simply because CUD leaders supported the bill HR2003,the Ethiopian democracy and accountability act,which they thought will help in consolidating the democratization process in the country. They have started to think as if we are a commodity to be re-named or thrown out whenever they feel like it and again this is in addition to all kinds of abuses,human right violations,mass detentions,extra judicial killings,abstraction of justice,crime against humanity,killing of women and children,peaceful protesters in streets of Addis and in recent times in mass starvation,burning villages,raping women and children,denying access to medical treatment etc….to Ethiopians in the Ogaden area as claimed by various human right organizations,aid agencices etc their master’s are perpetuating against innocent civilians and remember these are the same people who are/were talking about tolerance,democracy,millennium,reconciliation …. if and when the senate passes HR2003 bill who knows how they will respond? time will tell.


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Going against the country or Opposing a government?

Posted by 4kilo on May 2, 2007

I see no difference between these so called news agencies and disinformation centers: Walta or ENA or Aiga or Radio Fana or Reporter(it was okay till election day) and Ethiopian Review yes Ethiopian review! trying to oppose or criticize or condemn a brutal regime is one thing but going against the very country that we love and trying to protect is totally different thing.Over all, the brave ONLF fighters should be congratulated for a job well donewhat? for killing civilans? it is not just only that even advising terroristsInstead, cut off Woyanne supply lines. Try to also cut off the roads from Ethiopia to Djibouti and Kenya so that the Woyanne terrorist regime cannot continue to import weapons from North Korea who do you think will suffer most?When Dagmawi first call ethiopian review as ‘unscrupulous, hate-mongering websites’ I was shocked but now it seems he was right.Ethiopian review have been doing great in informing ethiopians and exposing the regime in Ethiopia. In fact you can easily notice its impact on the pro-EPRDF websites as they are busy attacking his website even by creating sites similar to its name and create confusions. I think they are succeeded now.But there is still time to correct mistakes.

Having saying this perhaps i should also appreciate some of Ethiopian blogs and news sites where i learn and get reliable news from.

Ethiopundit has always been my inspiration just reading a single post is not enough for me i had to read it word by word with my friends and even make hard copy each of the posts. Weichegud another excellent blog please do continue where are you anyway i have been waiting since December last year.Meskel square has been at the center of Ethiopian blogsphere thank you for that.Ethio-Zagol is now adays a must see blog may be more than twice a day .many other wonderful Ethiopian blogs some of them are stated in my blogroll are becoming increasingly relevant to Ethiopian politics and general out look. Ethiomedia thank you for your consistency please keep it up.I think a day will come and we will blog without fear even when we are thousands of miles away from home.

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Spotting the Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States

Posted by 4kilo on April 10, 2007

”……….For countries and cultures that not only restrict but actively reject information that contradicts governmental or cultural verities, even a fully industrialized society remains an unattainable dream. Information is more essential to economic progress than an assured flow of oil. In fact, unearned, “found” wealth is socially and economically cancerous, impeding the development of healthy, enduring socioeconomic structures and values. If you want to guarantee an underdeveloped country’s continued inability to perform competitively, grant it rich natural resources. The sink-or-swim poverty of northwestern Europe and Japan may have been their greatest natural advantage during their developmental phases. As the Shah learned and Saudi Arabia is proving, you can buy only the products, not the productiveness, of another civilization.

States that censor information will fail to compete economically, culturally, and militarily in the long run. The longer the censorship endures, the longer the required recovery time. Even after the strictures have been lifted, information-deprived societies must play an almost-hopeless game of catch-up.”

I first read this paper some four years ago from US army war college quarterly -spring 1998 edition by Ralph Peters .According to the paper the seven factors shown below among others will indicate performance of states.It continues as follows:

”…………..Traditional indicators of noncompetitive performance still apply: corruption (the most seductive activity humans can consummate while clothed); the absence of sound, equitably enforced laws; civil strife; or government attempts to overmanage a national economy. As change has internationalized and accelerated, however, new predictive tools have emerged. They are as simple as they are fundamental, and they are rooted in culture. The greater the degree to which a state–or an entire civilization–succumbs to these “seven deadly sins” of collective behavior, the more likely that entity is to fail to progress or even to maintain its position in the struggle for a share of the world’s wealth and power. Whether analyzing military capabilities, cultural viability, or economic potential, these seven factors offer a quick study of the likely performance of a state, region, or population group in the coming century.

The Seven Factors

These key “failure factors” are:

  • Restrictions on the free flow of information.
  • The subjugation of women.
  • Inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure.
  • The extended family or clan as the basic unit of social organization.
  • Domination by a restrictive religion.
  • A low valuation of education.
  • Low prestige assigned to work.”

How much do you think Ethiopia will score? of course as a loser? you can read the whole paper here

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America-Ethiopia-Court and Law of Reason

Posted by 4kilo on April 6, 2007

Below is a paper presented by professor Mesfin Woldemariam as part of a series of discussions, Vision 2020, organized by Ethiopian Economic Association held November 2003.Remember ,this script is written way before May 2005 election and before the existence of CUD! .Part of it is read as follows

”…….The principles that enjoyed universal respect in the preceding century(Gregorian calendar) are now being violated.The sovereignty of states has now become something contingent upon the consent of superpowers.We are all familiar with what happened in Yugoslavia,Afghanistan and Iraq in this regard.The threats directed to North Korea and Iran as well as against Syria by America and the consequent climate of uncertainty are an indication of superpower dominance.The American demand to replace an elected leader is now followed by Al Qa’ida.Looking at the state of affairs today,mass slaughter of human beings and the destruction of property and development of infrastructures have become the standard practice and a matter of right not only for the powerful but also for the weak.Moral rectitude has reached the bottom in the realm of the spiritual,let alone in the secular sphere.The time is such that people are ready and willing to sell not only their bodies but also their souls.Human dignity and honor have no longer any value.This is how the world we live in today appears to me.And it is in such a world that we[Ethiopians]live in utter destitution and helplessness.

Although the general climate in the world we live in appears to be unfavorable to oppressive regimes,the superpowers,nevertheless,show tendency to use oppressive regimes as instruments of their interest and policy.As far as terrorism is concerned the principal problem of the Western powers is their failure to comprehend that terrorism is a consequence of western relations with oppressive regimes.As long as oppressive regimes continue to exist and peaceful political struggles are suppressed,there will always be rebellion and terrorism.It is,consequently,inevitable that the target of rebellion and terrorism will be the destruction not only the oppressive regimes but also the powers behind them.I do not believe there is any other reason than this for America to be targeted as an enemy by terrorists.In spite of the fact that the American ideals of freedom,democracy ,justice and property rights are of great benefit to all humanity,the American government has not demonstrated unshakable faith in them and made them instruments of its foreign policy.On the contrary,the American government,for various reasons,becomes the supporter and defender of oppressive regimes.I think that is the problem.

”………….If we were guided in our efforts by the law of reason,we would not have found it difficult to understand that the empowerment of the people,or what we call democracy,is crucial to any kind of growth and development.The stifled physical,mental and spiritual potential will be released only when the people are liberated and become a sovereign power with confidence in themselves and in the law;it is only then that they can become true agents of their own lives.The repressive and stifling influences on the Confederation of Ethiopian Labour Union,The Ethiopian Teacher Association,The Ethiopian Free Journalist Association,and on the urban dwellers associations and peasant associations will not help the development of democracy in Ethiopia.Democracy can be established and cherished only by citizens who have confidence in themselves and in the law,and where all the struggle for power will be peaceful and in accordance with law,without intimidation.In addition the benefit of democracy is that each citizen and the people as a whole will assume responsibility for their own lives and for the progress of the country.People in a state of subjugation have neither freedom nor responsibility.


I think there are people who believe that the issue of the people’s sovereignty and that of the supremacy of the law,which will save coming generations from poverty,famine,war and self-annihilation,will be favorably resolved in the coming election(2005).I align myself with such people,whether in terms of wishes or aspirations.However.I still have my doubts. Twelve years earlier,i had ,when i think of it now,rather naively said something:if the weyyane group were to run in the elections then and were to win legitimately,I would have had no problem;if,however,it did not win,then it would have at least opened a new chapter for a democratic Ethiopia and give itself another chance at the next round of elections.But this wish of mine,on second thought,reminds me of the proverbial peasant who went looking for the dung where no cattle were supposed to go grazing.”

I will invite you to read the rest of this paper.

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