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Latest Addis pics

Posted by 4kilo on March 25, 2007

to those of you who miss Addis, and it’s new looks i got new pictures help yourself more will come soon……

checkout my flicker page here


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Baro and Karadobi Hydropower projects

Posted by 4kilo on February 16, 2007

The Baro and Karadobi hydropower projects have been identified by Nile Basin Initiative as potential source of income and improvement in the region in several areas and create win win situation for the counties involved. In addition to sale and export of the electricity, the Baro and
Karadobi projects are expected to provide improvements downstream with regards to flooding, siltation, irrigation and water conservation. The objective of this project is to undertake feasibility study of Baro and pre-feasibility study of Karadobi hydropower projects.
The Baro Hydropower Project on Baro River includes two dams of 30 and 80 m height; two underground hydropower stations with installed capacity of totally 660 MW; and totally 20km tunnels for waterways and access. The project is a multipurpose project and comprises flood control as well as evaluation of irrigation potentials.

The Karadobi Hydropower Project on the Abay River (Blue Nile), comprise an up to 250 m high dam; a hydropower station with planned installed capacity of 1000-1600 MW. The project is a multipurpose project and includes flood control, irrigation, and navigation potential on the Nile in Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt

NORPLAN has been engaged as the Main Project Consultant with an overall
responsibility towards the Client for the project. Main responsibilities are:

• Geological and geotechnical field investigation
• Assessment and analysis of benefits of multipurpose use of water downstream
• Environmental impact assessment of the project
• Assessment and analysis of economic and financial viability of the project
• Project planning and scheduling
• Procurement
• Meetings and workshops
• Training of personnel from the Ministry of water resources
• Cost control

source: www.norplan.com

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