Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective


4kilo is a blog about mainly environment and sustainable development and ……. i appreciate if you send me your coment and suggestion at



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  1. pr said

    iAbesha connects Ethiopians online

    iAbesha.com is a new online social networking site for Ethiopians worldwide. It’s a social utility on the Internet, similair to Facebook, enabling Ethiopians to present themselves and be visible and contactable in an Ethiopian context. iAbesha wants to create a space for Ethiopians beyond physical borders and above politics and ethnic fragmentation.

    iAbesha is open for anyone to register and free to use right away. The site has functions for adding and searching for new and old friends, messaging and building networks. And you don´t have to be registered to be able to search and make contact with iAbesha users.

    – iAbesha is a dream born out of frustration. I missed a place online where I could find, meet and interact with other Ethiopians worldwide without geografical, political and ethnical borders, says the founder Maria Alemush Zerihoun.

    The site was launched in Addis Abeba during genna 2000/2008 and already has almost 200 people signed up to be a part of the iAbesha experience.

    JOIN US! Visit http://www.iabesha.com/ today…


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