Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

The Talk of tolerance!

Posted by 4kilo on October 9, 2007

While observing the current political atmosphere… it is disappointing to note that we are still in such intolerable hate politics.One might not be surprised the way the Pro-TPLF website,Aigaforum, is posting, death treats against CUD leaders,talk of revoking their citizenship.All these is simply because CUD leaders supported the bill HR2003,the Ethiopian democracy and accountability act,which they thought will help in consolidating the democratization process in the country. They have started to think as if we are a commodity to be re-named or thrown out whenever they feel like it and again this is in addition to all kinds of abuses,human right violations,mass detentions,extra judicial killings,abstraction of justice,crime against humanity,killing of women and children,peaceful protesters in streets of Addis and in recent times in mass starvation,burning villages,raping women and children,denying access to medical treatment etc….to Ethiopians in the Ogaden area as claimed by various human right organizations,aid agencices etc their master’s are perpetuating against innocent civilians and remember these are the same people who are/were talking about tolerance,democracy,millennium,reconciliation …. if and when the senate passes HR2003 bill who knows how they will respond? time will tell.


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