Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

My recent Addis Visit

Posted by 4kilo on September 2, 2007

Addis Ababa being the socio,economic and political capital of Ethiopia,as is the whole nation, is facing all kinds of challenges.The ever growing number of its residents,lack of Transportation system,Sanitation and Waste disposal,environmental pollution,Housing ,modern communication and information system infrastructures but most importantly lack of visionary leadership has exacerbated its problems. a brief look into some of the above stated challenges,will give us a hint up to how much we should be worried in the future of our beloved city.

  • it is unthinkable to satisfy public transport by just few thousand taxis and public buses for a city of millions as Addis Ababa.There must be other means of transportation as subway train system ,other electric driven city buses etc.At present the city may not afford to built all these infrastructures but we should be able to see the city is going in to the right directions.
  • I am not mistaken when i say there are no sanitation and waste disposal system in the capital.Off course, there are few sewerage systems that drain into the nearest river crossing the city or to streams within the city.It is also common to see sewer flowing right by your door step in the middle of the day.It is not a matter of spending billions to make it right that is needed, it is a change in peoples attitude that must be changed too.
  • Housing is the other big problem.If you are a college graduate or even have five or ten years of experience ,you can’t still afford to rent a dissent home let alone owning it.These problem can only addressed only if the private sector is actively involved.The government can make deal with private investors in real estate business so that they can provide affordable services to the public.At present, you have to invest millions if you try to purchase a house from one of private real estate developers.It is very frustrating to note that the government is trying to control every aspect of our lives.Why is everything have to be done by the government? which results, time and again, total mess in both quality and quantity.
  • although,the road density in the city is the smallest even when compared to neighboring countries capitals,Addis Ababa leads in the number of traffic accidents.Officially, the city roads are owned by Addis Ababa Roads Authority ,however in practice the roads doesn’t seem to have owner,one can simply see roads which are constructed just a few years back are highly damaged including the ring road which suffers from faulty design,construction work and miss management.Roads of such type,flexible pavements with butmen surfacing and selected material fill as sub base are basically designed with great protection from storm water . Routine maintenance works which may involve single person with normal hand tool should have been enough in most cases to save most common road damages in the city.Unfortunately,during rain season sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate between the road and storm water drainage.why is these happening?somebody must be responsible for all these basic in tolerable mistakes.Another sad fact is the general public attitude and usage of the roads by both the pedestrians and drivers…….why don’t people use the crossing bridges over the ring road instead risk their life and try to cross an 80km/hr freeway? more on addis soon….

One Response to “My recent Addis Visit”

  1. lili said

    wow good info about ethiopia but what can we do? I am very intrested doing some kind of NGo to help the people. I don’t have money or fame but what i have is a love of my land and ideas and giveing back to my people.

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