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Thinking blogger Award!

Posted by 4kilo on May 23, 2007


Filwehapundit has recently awarded my blog and it is with great honor that i accept the award
.It encourage me to do more out of my busy schedule. Thank you for noticing my posts.Obvisouly i need to do a lot.I would like in return to dedicate this ‘ thinking blogger’ banner to all those bloggers who are pro-democracy and concerned bloggers about environment.


2 Responses to “Thinking blogger Award!”

  1. Yemi said


  2. Tesfaye said

    My name is Tesfaye G/Medhen
    I live in Baher Dar Ethiopia. My brother lived in Toronto a long time ago. The last time I heard from him was 9 years ago and he lived in Atlanta then. I haven’t heard from him since. Hois name is Lorenso Hailemariam Gebremariam. Please help me by posting this message to websites in the US.
    I am desperately looking for my brother.
    please help me.
    My e-mail address is tesfayegm23@yahoo.com
    Thank you,
    Tesfaye G/ Medhen
    P O Box 467
    Baher Dar, Ethiopia

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