Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

Jeffrey Sachs

Posted by 4kilo on April 3, 2007

there is always one thing i envy about American scholars,engineers,economists,sociologists etc if they came up with some sort of design,philosophy or some other theory they always have a chance to give it a try.With huge American wealth in the backing their decisions or recommendation, at U N’s different organization or world bank ,always gets implemented whether it is the best available option or not. When they get it right nothing will stop them they will do it in such degree comparable to none but when they get it wrong lots of money and time gets lost.As so many of them are successful they have contributed a lot in building superpower nation but there are few which do otherwise.

Jeffrey Sachs is one of those American scholars who is wasting money supporting African dictators giving them moral support as he beliefs or at least doesn’t care about democracy or human right ,when it comes to his ‘development’ theories.His favorite leaders in Africa are well in known in suppressing their own people.Being a special advisior to UN’s secretary general Ban Ki Moon ,Africa is now his lab for his poverty reduction theories which is already going no where.Yesterday via meskel square he was taking about stepping up “targeted investments” and so it continues …”The key, in my view…is a mass of scaling up of targeted investments in key sectors of each of your economies,” by stepping up targeted investment to dictators & Co. companies in Africa he thinks poverty will be reduced and because in his theories democracy is a secondary thing the masses will have no say on how this billions flowing into Africa will be utilized.He expects the masses to keep quiet till their oppressors had enough.No one ever doubts his academic credentials ,however putting into practice them specially in Africa is not like proving your academic theories to bunch of students Columbia university.I don’t why in the first place democracy was not at the center of his theories.Here is book review from washington post


”But that’s too neat. What about the World Bank studies in Guinea, Cameroon, Uganda and Tanzania, which estimated that 30 to 70 percent of government drugs disappeared into the black market rather than reaching the patients? Sachs calls for huge increases in aid to his favorite countries, like Malawi and Ethiopia, overlooking inconvenient factors such as the worsening of Malawi’s famine because corrupt officials sold off its strategic grain reserves and because autocratic Ethiopian rulers have favored their own minority Tigrean ethnic group. Sachs is right that bad government is not disproportionately an African problem; democracy has been making progress in Africa, while rulers in Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Turkmenistan make some African autocrats look like Thomas Jefferson. But Sachs’s anti-poverty prescriptions rest heavily on the kindness of some pretty dysfunctional regimes, not to mention the famously inefficient international aid bureaucracy”…..Washingtonpost.com


3 Responses to “Jeffrey Sachs”

  1. http://gregmankiw.blogspot.com/2006/06/on-jeffrey-sachs.html

    could this help in anyway . . .

  2. 4kilo said

    thank you for the link this may even help us to understand the argument around his theories

  3. http://www.marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2007/04/jeff_sachs_mill.html#comments

    why can’t i see any Harvard economics professor supporting Jeffery Sachs?

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