Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

Using the waters of Abay(Blue Nile)

Posted by 4kilo on March 31, 2007

Ethiopia is a country with many natural resources …. and yet the country is one of the poorest nation on earth! people are still dying out of hungry.A number of social ,political and economical problems can be attributed to this effect.Miss use of it’s natural resources is the root cause of it’s present day problems.Unable to use its natural resources the country is heading to the worst,starvation year after year.Using it’s water resources will at least alleviate problems related to food shortage if not all.The river Abay(Blue Nile) holds the key in this regard.Ethiopia Must use its rivers to get out of this shame.The downstream countries should face this fact.The countries internal problems together with the prevailing geo-political condition of eastern Africa has been Ethiopians biggest challenge to use its water resources.The unfair usage of the Abay river by only few downstream countries notably Egypt has exacerbated the problem even more.Equitable use of Nile waters is a distant future.The so called Nile basin initiative is basically, designed by Egypt and its allies, United states of America,world bank …. to maintain the status quo.No one ever doubts the importance of Nile to the peoples of Egypt, however one also should note the importance of it to Ethiopians.The last two or so wars with Egypt over Nile waters was ended with Ethiopians victory but now Ethiopia is in no shape for war. You can read here the background up to the Nile basin Initiative.In the Nile basin initiative Ethiopia is destined to be land for Hydro power generation and sale the power back to its neighbors and Egypt will still continue using the water as before.This will not bring sustainable development only prolongs the problem for a while.The only way out is when all the Nile basin countries work together ,however not as Nile basin Initiative where only certain group is beneficiary.The predicted war (UN report) in this region over the waters of Nile even after the Nile basin initiative confirms the need for real dialog among the stake holders

Ethiopians should also work hard and create awareness what really Abay holds for the country development.We should be able to tell fellow Ethiopians using the waters of Abay means using hundereds if not thousands of tributaries from the northern tip of the country :Tekeze and its tributary,Abay and Tana,Fincha & Dedissa,Baro to southern west corner.This also means developing highly populated parts of the country Tigray,Gondor,Gojam,Wollega,Illubabur,Gambella….

The previous Ethiopian governments efforts to utilize this resource specially by the Dergu regime after the 1984 drought should be realized.


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