Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

Politics of Global Warming

Posted by 4kilo on January 22, 2007

Europe is now experiencing its hottest winter! parts of Africa have been suffering from flooding the last two or three months of 2006, people lost lives. we also saw those trade lines, Canada – Northern tip of Europe (by ship), which were off course not accessible during winter time are open for business… . All these change in climatological changes are attributed to global warming!
what is Global warming? why is it happening now? do human beings contribute to the cause of global warming or is it part of process our planet earth undergoing for millions years? is there any scientific background which exactly suggests the role of human beings in Global warming? there are a number of questions to be addressed and create consensus among the different stack holders to address the issue.
For the time being let’s agree that global warming is the result of human activities as claimed by the west(in general) and that something should be done to address the issue. Then again a number of issues will come to the surface.which continent or country or nation is largely responsible for global warming? obviously we don’t consume earth’s resources in the same manner through out the world.Africa, with all its people and resources, have literally contributed nothing to cause of global warming when compared to even to a single state in the west.Unfortunately Africa is paying the price while the west, specially United states,the world half polluter is not even willing to sign an international agreement,citing its national interest.
Here is the solution, you caused it and you fix it. You the West


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