Environment and sustainable development an Ethiopian perspective

Energy and Environment

Posted by 4kilo on January 21, 2007

Energy sources are now in the 21st century classified as environmental friendly and not. Some two to three centuries back cities with smokes from industries have been seen as a sign of development until recently which become the opposite. Due to the major climatological change, the world is now experiencing and the growing voice of environmentalists,and the increase in awareness of the general public about the environment, forced the politicians to review their environment polices.
Energy sources:Hydro electric power,Nuclear power,oil and gas,coal ,wind…. etc have all been seen as major polluters with significant negative consequences to the environment. Environmentalist and the general public have been campaigning against these all energy sources with no other solutions on the table to meet the ever growing energy demand.Hydro electric power has been the major victim by such campaigns. The drop in hydro electric power projects specially in the west for the last 30 year can be primarily attributed to this effect. This has given opportunity to such energy sources as wind.The technological advancement is limited and is still seen not satisfactory in utilizing such renewable energy sources as wind and solar energy.The environmental impact assessment with regard to wind energy also shows a significant negative impact on the environment. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster is also another remainder of the seriousness of the problem in the nuclear power sector .
It is with this background that once again the increase in demand of hydro electric power is noticed.The environment impact assessment is an an integral part of hydro electric power projects.This could probably contributes in minimizing adverse effect on the environment and the society in general.In recent times it is observed that most of the hydro electric power projects are taking place in developing countries.Major hydro power projects are funded by either the different regional development banks or world bank.The environmental impact assessment is a pre- requesit for such projects if it is to be financed by these banks. However,this is not clearly the best solution


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